Sunday, January 17, 2010


hello dear readers! I have been busy writing some poems which I am going to share with you! They are not very good but... that's your opinion not mine!
I Am Me by Zara
I am my laugh
I am my sobs
I am my cries
I am me

I am my tears
of sadness and joy
I am my blood
I am me

I am my writing
I am my songs
I am my art
I am me

I am unique
I am not going to change
the simple fact
that I am me.

That's the first one, the second one is called:

My Light
by Zara
My light leads me
It allows me to see
My light makes everything clear

My light is special
And so very important
My light takes away my fear

My light is kind
and I love my light
My light is you my dear

THANKS FOR READING! I hope you liked it! and remember: WE LOVE YOU!


  1. :) i like them... is that a reference to the light that keeps the room from going red?

  2. the best parts are always the end... I wish I had that poem about maternal death, however sad it is...

  3. not about the room going red, no. It's a metaphor! light that brightens my day etc... ITS ALL A BUNCH OF RUBBISH REALLY! :P