Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have no idea what a tsunami's like. Which is why, being an odd type, I decided to write about one. So here it is:

Beneath the dark and restless waves something stirs. Slight movements grow into earth-shaking tremors. Fish swim away into the gloom, frightened of this great, waking beast. Sand slips off the great curves of the seascape as the ground roars and divides, inhaling the water with its mighty maw.

Above the dark and restless waves all is calm. A vendor on the edge of the beach is closing down his stall, offering the last of his ice cream to families. A small girl, leaving the beach with her parents, is entranced by the colours and flavours. She saunters down to the stall, and the vendor gives a chocolate ice cream to her. She gazes at it proudly as if she had just won a contest. Her parents smile despite themselves and look out at the horizon. They cannot see it, though.

There are only two moments: one of shock, and the other screaming out to the girl to come back. It is too late. The wave hits them, engulfing them with its crushing grip, the water extinguishing the bright flames of life that they once were. Hearing the rushing sounds, pedestrians and drivers alike turn, only to find themselves facing a looming wall of darkness, cold and power. At once the wall collapses, bringing itself down upon the ground.

A 17 year old is buying a record at a music store. He is excited, as it is his first. The assistant puts the record in a present box and gives it to the boy. He grins and exits the music store. He would go to his house, leisurely take his shoes off, and start the turntable. He goes down the street, almost skipping with delight, and only looks forward.

He is just like the small girl. Gone in one second, he never has time to listen to his record. The wave is a range of mountains, a wall of stone, an impenetrable force against creation.

All is silent.


  1. Thank you v. much. Next time use the proper word though: awamzing. ;)